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The Centre “ Documentazione Mondo Agricolo Ferrarese” was established in 1980 thanks to the collaboration between Guido Scaramagli (a farmer and a keen collector of the vestiges of the culture and the rural work) and the Centro Etnografico of Ferrara.
Thanks to this productive collaboration the Centre has enlarged the exhibition and the organization and now it is one of the most important realities of the area with 10.000 annual visitors and 30.000 exposed objects.
The main objective of this centre is to offer the new generation a documentation ofthe work and life in the countryside between the end of the nineteenth- century and the second half of the twentieth-century.
This is not only a rural museum but also a museum of the traditions and the costums of our past and a meeting point for different people.


Facciata del Museo della Civiltà Contadina di San Bartolomeo in Bosco
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